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Francis Hospital in Evanston, announced Thursday that it is breaking up. One of Illinois’ largest health care systems — one that includes 14 acute care hospitals — says that it is splitting up. AdventHealth and Ascension, which together formed AMITA Health seven years ago, will go their separate ways, Amita said in a news release Thursday. “Leaders of both sponsoring organizations have determined that going forward separately is in their collective best interest in order to more nimbly meet the changing needs and expectations of consumers in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment,” the company said. “Both organizations are committed to a smooth and expeditious transition. Following the transition, AdventHealth and Ascension will operate their individual hospitals and care sites in the Chicagoland area. There will be no disruption to patient care.” The company had no specifics on when the break-up is expected to occur, saying only: “Ascension and AdventHealth will begin the process of unwinding the partnership in a way that best serves the needs of the community. AdventHealth and Ascension maintain a strong relationship and are united in ensuring the residents of Chicago have access to the best possible healthcare.” AMITA’s facilities include St.

Microsoft said it recently notified more than 600 organizations that they had been the target of about 23,000 attempts to enter their systems. But when he announced sanctions against Russian financial institutions and technology companies in April, he pared back the penalties. “I was clear with President Putin that we could have gone further, but I chose not to do so,” Mr. Biden said at time, after calling the Russian leader. “Now is the time to de-escalate.” American officials insist that the type of attack Microsoft reported weblink falls into the category of the kind of spying major powers regularly conduct against one another. Still, the operation suggests that even while the two governments say they are meeting regularly to combat ransomware and other maladies of the internet age, the undermining of networks continues apace in an arms race that has sped up as countries sought Covid-19 vaccine data and a range of industrial and government secrets. “Spies are going to spy,” John Hultquist, the vice president for intelligence analysis at Mandiant, the company that first detected the SolarWinds attack, said on Sunday at the Cipher Brief Threat Conference in Sea Island, where many cyberexperts and intelligence officials met. “But what we’ve learned from this is that the S.V.R., which is very good, isn’t slowing down.” It is not clear how successful the latest campaign has been. Microsoft said it recently notified more than 600 organizations that they had been the target of about 23,000 attempts to enter their systems. By comparison, the company said it had detected only 20,500 targeted attacks from “all nation-state actors” over the past three years. Microsoft said a small percentage of the latest attempts succeeded but did not provide details or indicate how many of the organizations were compromised.
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Manaia pygmy pipehorse. The 6cm long fish is closely related to the seahorse, and inhabits the rocky reefs off the north-east coast. It is the first pygmy pipehorse discovered in the country. The Ngātiwai tribe worked with biodiversity scientists Dr Thomas Trnski from Tāmaki Paenga Hira Auckland Museum and Graham Short of the California Academy of Scientists to name the pipehorse Cylix tupareomanaia. Cylix is a new genus name and is derived from the Greek and Latin word for a cup or chalice; it refers to the cup-like crest on the top of the head of the new species. The second prong of the name tupareomanaia refers to “the garland of the manaia” – “manaia” is the Māori name for a seahorse and also means ancestor, or tupuna. The common name for Cylix tupareomanaia is manaia pygmy pipehorse. The Ngātiwai tribe said it was pleased to have gifted the new species a name. “The naming of this taonga [treasure] is significant to Ngātiwai as we know there are stories from our tupuna about this species, but the original name has been lost as a result of the negative impacts of colonisation,” a Ngātiwai tribe kaumātua (elder) Hori Parata said. The tiny creature was first sighted off the New Zealand coast in 2011 Photograph: Irene Middleton @seacologyNZ Dr Trnski from the Auckland Museum said it was a privilege to be able to incorporate mātauranga Māori (knowledge) into the naming process.